Does Distance Matter?

The question endures. Many who have less length than their playing partners maintain that they have no hope in competing while those that hit the ball longer tend to argue that their length comes with a price. Personally, all things being equal it is tough to argue that longer isn’t better but all things are rarely equal. Here is a link to an article on matter. What do you think?

Does distance matter?

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  1. all i know about distance off the tee is if i had a choice i would rather hit a wedge than a 6 iron into the green and being long does not mean you are automatically going to hit it into the trees. just as being short doesn’t guarantee you will be in the middle

  2. Distance does matter if all things are equal. In amateur golf this is very rare.
    Guys like Ron D. who are scratch chippers and putters, they can easily overcome distance against longer hitters who routinely are not as good at chipping and putting. I agree with Ron that I’d rather hit wedge than 6 iron into a green, but I’d rather have Ron putting a four footer than every long hitter at the club.

  3. The bigger the swing, the more opportunity for error so there is a certain accuracy that comes with a more compact swing in my mind. I am sure DJ would like Speith’s short game and vice-versa but I think each is locked into what they have and the consequences of it. It’s the whole package that counts.

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