Super Bowl Tournament Winners

Super Bowl Tournament

Super Bowl 2018 Net and Gross Winner
2018 Low Net winner (Jack Tossavainen) and Low Gross winner (Minto Roy)

2018 Super Bowl Tournament Winners
Low Gross – Minto Roy
2nd Low Gross – Ron Cassan
3rd Low Gross – Dan Walton/Ralph Altenried
Low Net – Jack Tossavainen/Adam Redfern
3rd Low Net – Dennis Thompson/Perry Nishihata/Gavin Copland/Bob Harrison

Deuce Pot
Ralph Altenreid/Jack Tossavainen/Minto Roy/Adam Redfern/Ken Nishi

James Gibbons/Ralph Altenried

Thanks to all those who came out and braved a rainy start to finish the first tournament of the year in dry conditions.


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