Congratulations to Jack Tossavainen on a career round of 79 today!

For those of you who know Jack, net 58 is par for the course, no pun intended… Congratulations Jack! Let the Sandbagger comments begin…

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  1. I called Jack to congratulate him – please see transcript of conversation below:

    Jack – huh…What…hello
    Minto – jack it’s minto
    Jack – Why
    Minto – I called to congratulate you on your 79
    Jack – when
    Minto – today
    Jack – I almost’em shot’em 77
    Minto – wow that’s unbelievable!
    Jack – huh
    Minto – your game is primed for next week buddy!
    Jack – why
    Minto – ok…jack gotta go congratulations again ..btw, now that you shoot 79 we should play even up for $20 this weekend?

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