Irish Shamble groups announced

1. Kris Yardley, Brent Lineker, Dan Lafleur

2. Marcus Frew, Joel Levene, Ralph Altenried, Sad Thiara

3. Chris Begg, Steve Rice-Jones, Glenn Shapendonk, Bob Harrison

4. Minto Roy, Walter Koriath, Keith Gill, Rod Hughes

5. Dennis Thompson, Angelo Viani, Glenn Hara, Kim Fordyce

6. Sean Anderson, Gavin Copland, Craig Anderson, Bob Grant

7. Dan Walton, Perry Nishihata, Ken Nishi, Gary Sundvick

8. Mike Yamamoto, Ron Dunsire, Sam Gandesha, Jack Tossavainen

9. Heath Stone, Mas Watanabe, Barry Ennis, Steve Coppin

Tee times will be confirmed by the pro-shop. Please visit the Irish Shamble home page for information about how much of you handicap you will be allocated in this tournament and other details.

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