New Rules for 2019

Hello Members.

With the switching of the nines taking place in a week and a half with groups once again starting on Hole #1 combined with the nice weather we have been enjoying in the past week or so I am sure there are those questioning when we will be moving away from Winter Rules.  Winter Rules will remain in effect until further notice.  Despite the nice weather we are a ways off yet from making that switch.  In order to do so, bunkers have to be fully maintained on a “regular basis”, there has to be some noticeable growth taking place on the golf course to start repairing winter divots, tees on the Par 3’s moved back to regular tee boxes, and the course in general playing in July-like conditions.  Until “all” of those conditions are in place we will remain on “Winter Rules” and the handicap computer for Meadow Gardens will remain closed, with the exception of those who are tracking Winter Handicaps.  You will be informed 1-2 weeks prior to making the switch.

Also – I have included yet another teaching aid as it relates to the New Rules in effect Jan 1 2019.  Please see attached.  Some of the information has been edited to reflect specific rulings/interpretations as they relate to Meadow Gardens.  Please take the time to look over these changes so that you are ready to go once we are on Summer Rules and the Handicap Computer is up and running.  It would be good practice to start utilizing these rules now, if you haven’t already.  Those who have been playing on courses that are “Active” since January 1 2019 while away from Meadow Gardens must be invoking the new rule changes in addition to entering all their scores.  The Handicap Computer is open for rounds played on “Active Season” courses.

As always, any questions or concerns please send me an email.

John Faris

Handicap & Rules Chair

Meadow Gardens Golf Club

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