Three Wise Men pick series ~ Who is surfing the swell of their cap?

It’s always interesting to see who is on the leading or falling edge of their cap. If caps have risen and a player rediscovers their form, weeks of joy and cash follow. If caps have fallen and a player suddenly forgets how to hit a golf ball, weeks of sorrow and payments follow. Here are the players whos caps have increased and decreased the most during winter play. Please note, this does not account for those that ran their caps up prior to the close of the computers in November to insulate their winter play caps (Ron Dunsire):

Rod Hughes +2.1
Steve Rice-Jones +1.7
Mas Watanabe +0.8
Danny Koriath +0.7
Perry Nishihata +0.6

Angelo Viani -2.2
Dennis Thompson -1.8
Gavin Copland -1.4
Minto Roy -1.0
Gary Sundvic
k/Jack Tossavainen -0.7

There are some scramble gems on these lists!

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