Three Wise Men pick series ~ The injury report

We held our injury report until last as most of the Mens Club suffers from the infamous upper body injury on a regular basis. That being said here are updates on some of our more known injury situations:

Brent Lineker ~ Brent played some of his best golf before his recent layoff. Upon his return he commented that not only was he not in golf shape and dragging his tail around the course but his hips were excessively tight. This proved to be his downfall at Bandon Dunes and his scores were not nearly as tight as his lower body. To address his health Brent took off for a week’s vacation with his fiancé, for intensive hip loosening therapy and should be good to go on Sunday. If you see Brent around the course before, check with him on the frequency of his therapy…. Injury status Day to Day

Dan Walton ~ Dan had been off for 6 months with a ruptured bicep but has returned stronger than ever. Apparently Dan’s only lingering injury effects are that his uninjured bicep now feels weak after months of physio on the injury and his putting, the only thing he practiced for the last 6 months has gone sideways and he can’t find the cup. Isn’t that how golf goes? Look for Dan on the putting green Saturday afternoon after the draw. Injury status Off the DL

Danny Koriath ~ For those of you who don’t know, Danny is a sponsored Pro Snowboarder. Danny has been looking to translate his athletic talents into golf but recently has had a lay-off due to a dislocated collar bone suffered on the slopes. Danny has recovered in time for the scramble but needs to be reminded that he is on the trail of old as F&%$ and should restrict his activities to lower impact seniors sports. Injury status Off the DL

Kim Fordyce ~ Kim struggled with a long term injury that required him to switch to using his wife’s Driver and Fairway wood to reduce his swing strain. Low and behold Kim discovered while recovering from his injuries that he actually hit the ball further with the Senior Ladies Flex shafts and kept them in his bag for several months after recovering from his injury. Kim is now fully recovered but it’s anybody’s guess which clubs are in the bag for the scramble. Injury status Off the DL

Barry Ennis ~ Barry has come back from his hip replacement stronger than ever and as some of were reminded in Varadero, wields a big stick with his pre-hip surgery handicap. Injury status Off the DL

Marcus Frew ~ New word has it that Marcus may not yet be recovered from the lashing received from his wife over playing in the scramble. Let us know if you have any more info. Injury status Day to Day

Steve Coppin ~ Steve’s list of ailments is so extensive that we had to create a new category, the bundle ailment. In Steve’s case heat stroke a sore back and excessive chafing all led to his recent struggles in Varadero but we are happy to report, that tomorrow is a new day. Injury status Day to Day

Ralph Altenried ~ Ralph only looks and sounds injured with is large ankle and squeaky hip. We wish to clarify that Ralph’s only injuries are above the shoulders and all were self inflicted. Injury status None were his fault

You now have all the information we have, have fun with your picks on Saturday!

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