So, what is Ron’s list all about?

RON’S LIST is now active on the right side bar of the Men’s Club web-site. Men’s Club members now have the ability to post for sale, gently used golf related items they no longer require. To start, posts can be made by e-mailing photo’s, a written description and asking price to Chris Begg for posting. We have the ability to turn on direct user posting and even payments to the poster through PayPal if volume dictates.

Now for the fun stuff. Ron’s List was a feature requested by Gord Lee, infamous MG Sandbagger who may have been the first human to start fire with two nickels. As the first post is Gord’s, remember the posted price is OBO. RON’S LIST is named after our most prolific seller of almost new golf clubs and equipment RON CASSAN. Ron has opened the minds of many Men’s Club members to possibility of improving your game by buying a new equipment each quarter. Thank Ron next time you see him as the name was the easiest part of this new feature.


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