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  1. I’m sitting here this morning wondering what to say about Nick. He was one of my best buddy’s, I miss him incredibly and I wish I could hear him tell just one more joke. Working with Nick for a number of years, I knew he was more than just a funny guy, he was a media icon. We had many joint account, Nick on the TV side and me on the Print side and we killed it. He would come up with campaign ideas that were brilliant and I got to ride along on his coat tails and learn from the absolute best. Too bad bad his brilliance didn’t translate to golf or he might have been club champion for many years. Thank you Nick, love you and miss you.

    1. I only met NIck in his final days but am thankful that I have a window to him through your memories. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Nick was plain fun, didn’t matter how many times I heard the same joke from him, it was funny every time & it was confirmed by the fact that he would laugh first. Saw him at other charity events around the lower mainland & he was loved wherever he went.

    Miss him,

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