Club Championship registration reminder

The Club Championship is fast approaching. Visit our tournament page for information and sign-up sheet. To be eligible for Mens Club prizing, you must have participated in a prior Mens Club tournament this year. If you have not, please contact the pro-shop for sign-up.

Also, you may have seen an e-mail from the pro-shop recently asking for $20 to play in the Club Championship. This is new. The Mens Club has run the Club Championship for many years and has provided prizing for it’s members. Meadow Gardens has provided the KP prizing and the jackets awarded to the low gross and low net winners (all players eligible). The Low Gross winner of the Club Championship goes on to represent Meadow Gardens at the Zone 3 tournament. On average 90% – 95% of the participants in the Club Championship have been Mens Club members. As usual, your annual or pay as you go registration qualifies you for Mens Club prizing for the Club Championship however in order to play, you must also pay the $20 to the pro-shop who are providing their own prize pools in flights. So in short, you must sign-up on the Men’s Club web-site to be eligible for Mens Club prizing and also with the pro-shop to play with the $20 fee.

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