2021 Fall Open Rules  

  • Play from the Hybrid Tees  
  • Summer Rules are in Effect.  
  • RCGA Handicaps as of Monday morning.  
  • Pace of Play for this Tournament is 4 hours – 10 minutes – MAXIMUM. Play ready golf. There is no penalty in Stroke Play for hitting out of turn. If you have a playing partner who tends to be much slower than the rest of the group politely ask them to “move their ass”. Penalties will be invoked by the Men’s Club Captain and Handicap Chair at their discretion.  

    Tournament Scoring  
  • This is a stroke play tournament with one modification:   your MAXIMUM GROSS SCORE ON ANY HOLE WILL BE NET DOUBLE BOGEY, (i.e. your adjusted hole score.)  If you are having a blow-out hole you can pick up and proceed to the next hole.
  • Record your hole-by-hole scores on the score sheets in the Members Lounge, and on the Golf Canada site as a tournament score.  
  • All other rules will be governed by RCGA.  
  • If unsure of a possible ruling – play a second ball and record the scores for both balls until a ruling from the Handicap/Rules Committee can be obtained.  

    Prizing:  1st, 2nd & 3rd place for:                    
  • Low Gross  
  • Low Net Hcp 8 and under.  KP is on #17 each day  
  • Low Net Hcp 9-15.   KP is on #13 each day  
  • Low Net Hcp 16+.  KP is on #4 each day  

Sunday Tee Times will be published Saturday afternoon.


2021 Fall Openhybrid
Saturday Tee Timeshcp

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