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With the impending aeration of greens and fairways beginning April 16th 2018 together with current weather and course conditions, the “earliest” that the handicap computer will be activated for Active Season Handicaps will be May 1st.  It is hoped that we will revert to Summer Rules as well at that time but we will monitor conditions as we get closer to that date and you will be informed again at that time if May 1 is in fact the date or if we have another target date in mind.  There are provisions within Local Rules 2018 that will deal with abnormal course conditions such as embedded balls and bunker conditions due to rain that help ease the pain when conditions are not in perfect summer conditions but we have switched to Summer Rules.

Are Winter Scores still being recorded and Calculating Winter Handicaps?

Those of you who are currently entering Meadow Gardens scores to calculate a “Winter Handicap” can continue to do so until the computer goes active (May 1 or later).  The look of the system may appear different than it did earlier in the winter (after March 15) but rest assured your winter scores are still being calculated as winter handicaps.  The reason for the change of appearance and perception that your scores aren’t being recorded is due to the fact that the Golf Canada Handicap System automatically activates each Province’s computers at the beginning of their technical “Active Season”, which for us was March 15, 2018.  As such, Golf BC then has to go in and override the system to keep each course inactive until such time as they feel their course is in good enough condition to revert to regular handicaps.  When they do this, the appearance of the system will look significantly different than it did prior to March 15 – but all scores entered are recorded and used for Winter Handicaps, despite what the system may look like.  Any scores entered after March 15 will “not” appear in Red – but they are in fact winter scores.  This is a system glitch with Golf Canada and we just have to live with it and we go through this every year at this time.  Once the computers go active (May 1 or later) all scores entered from Nov to date of activation will be wiped from the system for rounds played at Meadow Gardens.  (whether they are in Red or Black)  As always, scores recorded while away from Meadow Gardens in the winter months in a location where the season is “Active” such as Arizona, Hawaii, Mexico, Cuba and California must be entered into the computer as soon as possible.  These scores, despite when played, will always count towards your regular handicap.

As always, if there are any questions or concerns please drop me an email John Faris


John Faris
Handicap and Rules Chair
Meadow Gardens Golf Club

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