Points Standings

Glentel – Shaw Media Cup – 2018 R1

The Glentel (A Flight) and Shaw Media Cup (B Flight) are a year long points competition divided by season starting handicap where participants accumulate points based on placing in Men’s Club tournaments. In order to be eligible for the year end points awards, participants must be an annual pre-paid Men’s Club member as outlined in the Men’s Club Registration Info. Don’t worry if you can’t make all the tournaments and think you won’t be competitive in the competition as almost every Men’s Club player misses some tournaments during the year and only select tournaments are part of the competition. These include:
The Masters
Spring 2 Ball
Spring Open
Summer Open
Club Championship
Fall Open
Fall 2 Ball

GlentelShaw Media Cup

Past Winners ~ Glentel Cup
2017 Playoff Winner – Minto Roy
2017 Season Winner – Steve Rice-Jones
2014 Playoff Winner – John Faris
2014 Season Winner – Steve Rice-Jones
2013 Winner – Minto Roy

Past Winners ~ Shaw Media Cup
2017 Playoff Winner – 
2017 Season Winner – 
2014 Playoff Winner – 
2014 Season Winner – 
2013 Winner –